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World Boss Improvements

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Hi! I'm rather new to the server still but I have some ideas for the World Boss Event!

I think first and foremost-- please add the ability to use skills on the world boss map. Most classes in Renewal rely on skills for their buildset, like Mechanics, Shadow Chasers, Performers, even Rangers, and then there are Magic-Based classes, and I believe this can still be nerfed by making the world boss have higher HP and defense(maybe) so for a Ranger like myself, I wouldn't be able to Unlimit + Arrow Storm the World Boss nor could anyone else. 😛

Secondly, I think having 3 types of world bosses would be important to perhaps encourage other classes to play and be built on the server. That means 1 Boss for short-range melee, 1 Boss that is particular for long-range melee, and the third boss being more for magic-based classes to be able to attack better than the others. It's up to the GM on how he'd do this, if at all, but that way everyone gets their share of fun in the game without having to focus on a melee class like Guillotine Cross or Ranger to beat the World Boss.

Third, there should be a damage-dealt tier rank for rewards for killing the world boss. Those who deal the highest damage obviously should get top reward, so instead of who beats the world boss, it will depend on who dealt the most damage onto the world boss who gets the overall first, second, and third (hopefully) big prizes while everyone else gets consolation prizes. I think you must hit the world boss at least once to get a prize, as well. Even for a support class like an Arch Bishop-- deal 1 Holy Light, and you can get a prize at least.

I hope my suggestions are worth looking at. I like challenges and finding new ways to build my character, and I think having more classes encouraged would be good 🙂

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