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To balance out farming/playing the game for all classes. I feel like if the Rangers/Genetics/Mado/Rebellion/Kagerou/Oboro have infinite resources regarding Arrows, Bullets, Cannonballs and Shuriken/Kunai. Other classes should get that compensated. 

Reminder: This is a Hite Rate Server.

Rangers in particular. In iRO or in any server the Ranger is a strong class. Able to attack from a distance it makes Rangers one of the most accessible to new players everywhere. Their weaknesses? Usually don't want any VIT investment, Naturally very squishy class and normally have to carry arrows limiting the amount of damage their capable of. The arrows make up for their true potential in being really strong and allows them to justify that damage output because of the the catalyst of carrying arrows. If they were allows to only have to carry x20 arrow (Arrow Storm) and that's it, it allows that deficit they once had to now be removed and be that much stronger. Your argument might be that "They need arrows to auto attack" yes. but Gravity made the damage output of that class worth the extra mechanic of carrying ammunition worth it.

So here's my suggestions 1 and 2.

Note: I don't know how about crafting items and wpns but as far as consumables I think they should be in the same thought process.

1. Remove infinite ammunation for all classes that way there is balance as it was intended.

2. Give the benefit to the other classes that use "Ammunition" so that they too can benefit from it.

These are the following skills/attacks that require catalysts.

Super Novice

mg_safetywall.gif Safety Wall (Skill ID# 12)

mg_stonecurse.gif Stone Curse (Skill ID# 16)

al_warp.gif Warp Portal (Skill ID# 27)

pr_sanctuary.gif Sanctuary (Skill ID# 70)

ht_skidtrap.gif Skid Trap (Skill ID# 115)

ht_sandman.gif Sandman (Skill ID# 119)

ht_flasher.gif Flasher (Skill ID# 120)

ht_freezingtrap.gif Freezing Trap (Skill ID# 121)


ko_bakuretsu.gif Bakuretsu Kunai (Skill ID# 3006, iRO Name: Kunai Explosion)

ko_happokunai.gif Happo Kunai (Skill ID# 3007, iRO Name: Kunai Splash)

ko_muchanage.gif Mucha Nage (Skill ID# 3008, iRO Name: Rapid Throw)

ko_makibishi.gif Makibishi (Skill ID# 3010)

ko_kahu_enten.gif Kahu Enten (Skill ID# 3015, iRO Name: Fire Charm)

ko_hyouhu_hubuki.gif Hyouhu Hubuki (Skill ID# 3016, iRO Name: Ice Charm)

ko_kazehu_seiran.gif Kazehu Seiran (Skill ID# 3017, iRO Name: Wind Charm)

ko_dohu_koukai.gif Dohu Koukai (Skill ID# 3018, iRO Name: Earth Charm

kg_kyomu.gif Kyomu (Skill ID# 3024, iRO Name: Empty Shadow)

kg_kagemusya.gif Kagemusha (Skill ID# 3025, iRO Name: Shadow Warrior)


nj_syuriken.gif Throw Shuriken (Skill ID# 523)

nj_kunai.gif Throw Kunai (Skill ID# 524)

nj_zenynage.gif Throw Zeny [Ignore BG Reduction] [Ignore GvG Reduction] (Skill ID# 526, iRO Name: Throw Coins)

nj_bunsinjyutsu.gif Illusionary Shadow (Skill ID# 532, iRO Name: Mirror Image)

nj_kaensin.gif Crimson Fire Formation (Skill ID# 535, iRO Name: Blaze Shield)

nj_bakuenryu.gif Dragon Fire Formation (Skill ID# 536, iRO Name: Exploding Dragon)

nj_suiton.gif Water Escape Technique (Skill ID# 538, iRO Name: Watery Evasion)

nj_hyousyouraku.gif Falling Ice Pillar (Skill ID# 539, iRO Name: Snow Flake Draft)

nj_raigekisai.gif Lightning Crash (Skill ID# 541, iRO Name: Lightning Jolt)

nj_kamaitachi.gif North Wind [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 542, iRO Name: First Wind)'


rl_mass_spiral.gif Mass Spiral (Skill ID# 2553)

rl_banishing_buster.gif Banishing Buster (Skill ID# 2554, iRO Name: Vanishing Buster)

rl_b_trap.gif Bind Trap (Skill ID# 2555, iRO Name: Binding Trap (Dark Pit))

rl_s_storm.gif Shatter Storm (Skill ID# 2557)

rl_qd_shot.gif Quick Draw Shot (Skill ID# 2559)

rl_firedance.gif Fire Dance (Skill ID# 2561)

rl_h_mine.gif Howling Mine (Skill ID# 2562)

rl_p_alter.gif Platinum Alter (Skill ID# 2563, iRO Name: Platinum Altar (White Gold Altar))

rl_r_trip.gif Round Trip (Skill ID# 2565)

rl_d_tail.gif Dragon Tail (Skill ID# 2566)

rl_fire_rain.gif Fire Rain (Skill ID# 2567)

rl_slugshot.gif Slug Shot (Skill ID# 2570)


gs_tracking.gif Tracking (Skill ID# 512)

gs_disarm.gif Disarm (Skill ID# 513)

gs_piercingshot.gif Piercing Shot (Skill ID# 514, iRO Name: Wounding Shot)

gs_rapidshower.gif Rapid Shower (Skill ID# 515, iRO Name: Trigger Happy Shot)

gs_desperado.gif Desperado (Skill ID# 516)

gs_dust.gif Dust (Skill ID# 518, iRO Name: Crowd Control Shot)

gs_fullbuster.gif Full Buster (Skill ID# 519, iRO Name: Full Blast)

gs_spreadattack.gif Spread Attack [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 520, iRO Name: Spread Shot)

gs_grounddrift.gif Ground Drift (Skill ID# 521, iRO Name: Gunslinger Mine)

Doram - Summoner

su_cn_powdering.gif Catnip Powdering (Skill ID# 5027)

su_bunchofshrimp.gif Bunch of Shrimp (Skill ID# 5040)

Rune Knight

rk_runemastery.gif Rune Mastery (Skill ID# 2010)

Royal Guard

lg_piety.gif Piety (Skill ID# 2322)


wl_siennaexecrate.gif Sienna Execrate (Skill ID# 2207)

wl_comet.gif Comet (Skill ID# 2213)

hw_ganbantein.gif Ganbantein (Skill ID# 483)

hw_gravitation.gif Gravitation Field [Ignore BG Reduction] [Ignore GvG Reduction] (Skill ID# 484, iRO Name: Gravitational Field)


so_cloud_kill.gif Cloud Kill (Skill ID# 2450, iRO Name: Killing Cloud)

so_arrullo.gif Arrullo (Skill ID# 2455)

so_summon_agni.gif Summon Agni (Skill ID# 2457, iRO Name: Call Agni)

so_summon_aqua.gif Summon Aqua (Skill ID# 2458, iRO Name: Call Aqua)

so_summon_ventus.gif Summon Ventus (Skill ID# 2459, iRO Name: Call Ventus)

so_summon_tera.gif Summon Tera (Skill ID# 2460, iRO Name: Call Tera)

so_fire_insignia.gif Fire Insignia (Skill ID# 2465)

so_water_insignia.gif Water Insignia (Skill ID# 2466)

so_wind_insignia.gif Wind Insignia (Skill ID# 2467)

so_earth_insignia.gif Earth Insignia (Skill ID# 2468)

so_elemental_shield.gif Elemental Shield (Skill ID# 5008)


pf_spiderweb.gif Spider Web (Skill ID# 405, iRO Name: Fiber Lock)


sa_flamelauncher.gif Flame Launcher (Skill ID# 280, iRO Name: Endow Blaze)

sa_frostweapon.gif Frost Weapon (Skill ID# 281, iRO Name: Endow Tsunami)

sa_lightningloader.gif Lightning Loader (Skill ID# 282, iRO Name: Endow Tornado)

sa_seismicweapon.gif Seismic Weapon (Skill ID# 283, iRO Name: Endow Quake)

sa_volcano.gif Volcano (Skill ID# 285)

sa_deluge.gif Deluge (Skill ID# 286)

sa_violentgale.gif Violent Gale (Skill ID# 287, iRO Name: Whirlwind)

sa_landprotector.gif Land Protector (Skill ID# 288, iRO Name: Magnetic Earth)

sa_dispell.gif Dispell (Skill ID# 289)

sa_abracadabra.gif Abracadabra (Skill ID# 290, iRO Name: Hocus pocus)


mg_safetywall.gif Safety Wall (Skill ID# 12)

mg_stonecurse.gif Stone Curse (Skill ID# 16)


ra_arrowstorm.gif Arrow Storm (Skill ID# 2233)

ra_aimedbolt.gif Aimed Bolt (Skill ID# 2236)

ra_electricshocker.gif Electric Shocker (Skill ID# 2238, iRO Name: Electric Shock)

ra_clusterbomb.gif Cluster Bomb (Skill ID# 2239, iRO Name: Bomb Cluster)

ra_wugmastery.gif Warg Mastery (Skill ID# 2240)

ra_magentatrap.gif Magenta Trap (Skill ID# 2249)

ra_cobalttrap.gif Cobalt Trap (Skill ID# 2250)

ra_maizetrap.gif Maize Trap (Skill ID# 2251, iRO Name: Maze Trap)

ra_verduretrap.gif Verdure Trap (Skill ID# 2252)

ra_firingtrap.gif Firing Trap [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 2253, iRO Name: Fire Trap)

ra_iceboundtrap.gif Ice Bound Trap [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 2254, iRO Name: Ice Trap)


sn_sharpshooting.gif Sharp Shooting [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 382, iRO Name: Focused Arrow Strike)


ht_skidtrap.gif Skid Trap (Skill ID# 115)

ht_landmine.gif Land Mine (Skill ID# 116)

ht_anklesnare.gif Ankle Snare (Skill ID# 117)

ht_shockwave.gif Shockwave Trap (Skill ID# 118)

ht_sandman.gif Sandman (Skill ID# 119)

ht_flasher.gif Flasher (Skill ID# 120)

ht_freezingtrap.gif Freezing Trap (Skill ID# 121)

ht_blastmine.gif Blast Mine (Skill ID# 122)

ht_claymoretrap.gif Claymore Trap [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 123)

ht_talkiebox.gif Talkie Box (Skill ID# 125)


wm_severe_rainstorm.gif Severe Rainstorm (Skill ID# 2418)

wm_poemofnetherworld.gif Poem of the Netherworld (Skill ID# 2419, iRO Name: Despair Song)

wm_deadhillhere.gif Valley of Death (Skill ID# 2421, iRO Name: Death Valley)

wm_great_echo.gif Great Echo [Chorus Skill] (Skill ID# 2426)

wm_frigg_song.gif Frigg's Song (Skill ID# 5007)


cg_arrowvulcan.gif Arrow Vulcan (Skill ID# 394)


ac_double.gif Double Strafing (Skill ID# 46, iRO Name: Double Strafe)

ac_shower.gif Arrow Shower [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 47)

ac_chargearrow.gif Charge Arrow [Quest Skill] (Skill ID# 148, iRO Name: Arrow Repel)


ab_ancilla.gif Ancilla (Skill ID# 2039)

ab_adoramus.gif Adoramus (Skill ID# 2040)

ab_epiclesis.gif Epiclesis (Skill ID# 2044)

High Priest

hp_basilica.gif Basilica (Skill ID# 362)


mg_safetywall.gif Safety Wall (Skill ID# 12)

all_resurrection.gif Resurrection (Skill ID# 54)

pr_aspersio.gif Aspersio (Skill ID# 68)

pr_sanctuary.gif Sanctuary (Skill ID# 70)

pr_magnus.gif Magnus Exorcismus (Skill ID# 79)


al_warp.gif Warp Portal (Skill ID# 27)


nc_vulcanarm.gif Vulcan Arm [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 2258)

nc_flamelauncher.gif Flame Launcher (Skill ID# 2259)

nc_coldslower.gif Cold Slower [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 2260)

nc_armscannon.gif Arms Cannon (Skill ID# 2261, iRO Name: Arm Cannon)

nc_acceleration.gif Acceleration (Skill ID# 2262)

nc_hovering.gif Hovering (Skill ID# 2263, iRO Name: Hover)

nc_f_sideslide.gif Front Side Slide (Skill ID# 2264, iRO Name: Front Slide)

nc_b_sideslide.gif Back Side Slide (Skill ID# 2265, iRO Name: Back Slide)

nc_selfdestruction.gif Self Destruction [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 2267, iRO Name: Suicidal Destruction)

nc_shapeshift.gif Shape Shift (Skill ID# 2268, iRO Name: Elemental Shift)

nc_emergencycool.gif Emergency Cool (Skill ID# 2269, iRO Name: Cool Emergency)

nc_analyze.gif Analyze (Skill ID# 2271)

nc_magneticfield.gif Magnetic Field (Skill ID# 2272)

nc_neutralbarrier.gif Neutral Barrier (Skill ID# 2273)

nc_stealthfield.gif Stealth Field (Skill ID# 2274)

nc_repair.gif Repair (Skill ID# 2275)

nc_silversniper.gif FAW - Silver Sniper (Skill ID# 2281, iRO Name: FAW Silver Sniper)

nc_magicdecoy.gif FAW - Magic Decoy (Skill ID# 2282, iRO Name: FAW Magic Decoy)

nc_disjoint.gif FAW - Removal (Skill ID# 2283, iRO Name: Divest FAW)


ws_carttermination.gif Cart Termination (Skill ID# 485, iRO Name: High Speed Cart Ram)

ws_overthrustmax.gif Maximum Over Thrust (Skill ID# 486, iRO Name: Maximum Power Thrust)


gn_cartcannon.gif Cart Cannon (Skill ID# 2477)

gn_thorns_trap.gif Thorn Trap (Skill ID# 2479, iRO Name: Thorns Trap)

gn_blood_sucker.gif Blood Sucker (Skill ID# 2480)

gn_spore_explosion.gif Spore Explosion (Skill ID# 2481)

gn_wallofthorn.gif Wall Of Thorns (Skill ID# 2482, iRO Name: Thorn Wall)

gn_crazyweed.gif Crazy Weed (Skill ID# 2483, iRO Name: Crazy Vines)

gn_demonic_fire.gif Demonic Fire (Skill ID# 2485)

gn_fire_expansion.gif Fire Expansion (Skill ID# 2486)

gn_hells_plant.gif Hell's Plant (Skill ID# 2490, iRO Name: Hell Plant)

gn_mandragora.gif Howling of Mandragora (Skill ID# 2492, iRO Name: Mandragora Howling)

gn_illusiondoping.gif Illusion Doping (Skill ID# 5003, iRO Name: Hallucination Drug)


cr_slimpitcher.gif Slim Potion Pitcher (Skill ID# 478, iRO Name: Aid Condensed Potion)

cr_fullprotection.gif Full Chemical Protection (Skill ID# 479)

cr_aciddemonstration.gif Acid Demonstration (Skill ID# 490, iRO Name: Acid Bomb)

cr_cultivation.gif Plant Cultivation (Skill ID# 491, iRO Name: Cultivate Plant)


am_demonstration.gif Demonstration (Skill ID# 229, iRO Name: Bomb)

am_acidterror.gif Acid Terror (Skill ID# 230)

am_potionpitcher.gif Potion Pitcher (Skill ID# 231, iRO Name: Aid Potion)

am_cannibalize.gif Bio Cannibalize (Skill ID# 232, iRO Name: Summon Flora)

am_spheremine.gif Sphere Mine (Skill ID# 233, iRO Name: Summon Marine Sphere)

am_cp_weapon.gif Chemical Protection Weapon (Skill ID# 234, iRO Name: Alchemical Weapon)

am_cp_shield.gif Chemical Protection Shield (Skill ID# 235, iRO Name: Synthesized Shield)

am_cp_armor.gif Chemical Protection Armor (Skill ID# 236, iRO Name: Synthetic Armor)

am_cp_helm.gif Chemical Protection Helm (Skill ID# 237, iRO Name: Biochemical Helm)

am_callhomun.gif Call Homunculus (Skill ID# 243)

am_berserkpitcher.gif Berserk Pitcher [Spirit Skill (Must be Soul Linked)] (Skill ID# 446, iRO Name: Aid Berserk Potion)


mc_mammonite.gif Mammonite (Skill ID# 42)

Guillotine Cross

gc_antidote.gif Antidote (Skill ID# 2026)

Assassin Cross

asc_edp.gif Enchant Deadly Poison (Skill ID# 378)


as_venomdust.gif Venom Dust (Skill ID# 140)

as_splasher.gif Venom Splasher (Skill ID# 141)

Shadow Chaser

sc_bodypaint.gif Body Painting (Skill ID# 2289)

sc_enervation.gif Masquerade - Enervation (Skill ID# 2292, iRO Name: Masquerade Enervation)

sc_groomy.gif Masquerade - Gloomy (Skill ID# 2293, iRO Name: Masquerade Groomy)

sc_ignorance.gif Masquerade - Ignorance (Skill ID# 2294, iRO Name: Masquerade Ignorance)

sc_laziness.gif Masquerade - Laziness (Skill ID# 2295, iRO Name: Masquerade Laziness)

sc_unlucky.gif Masquerade - Unlucky (Skill ID# 2296, iRO Name: Masquerade Unlucky)

sc_weakness.gif Masquerade - Weakness (Skill ID# 2297, iRO Name: Masquerade Weakness)

sc_manhole.gif Man Hole (Skill ID# 2299, iRO Name: Manhole)

sc_dimensiondoor.gif Dimension Door (Skill ID# 2300)

sc_chaospanic.gif Chaos Panic (Skill ID# 2301)

sc_maelstrom.gif Maelstrom (Skill ID# 2302)

sc_bloodylust.gif Bloody Lust (Skill ID# 2303)

sc_feintbomb.gif Feint Bomb [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 2304)

sc_escape.gif Emergency Escape (Skill ID# 5010, iRO Name: Urgent Escape)


rg_graffiti.gif Graffiti (Skill ID# 220, iRO Name: Scribble)


tf_throwstone.gif Throw Stone [Quest Skill] (Skill ID# 152, iRO Name: Stone Fling)











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hi to All..

ya.. that make sense.

make infinity to normal arrow only.

for elemantal arrow, dont make it infinity. 

fair for other type of weapon that need elemantal based.

or GM can give infinity elemental scroll for that purpose.

fair right? 😃


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